The ESBPC (Edmonton School of Ballet Parents Committee) is a group of volunteers who have or had dancers in the ESB program or in the Vimy Dance Program. Members of the committee organize and volunteer at the Snack Barre, sell roses at the spring shows, recycle empty pop and juice boxes, create and sell make-up kits, develop and sell programs for the Spring Shows, organize a hair and make-up workshop, organize individual and group pictures of your dancers, and organize volunteers for check-ins, running groups back and forth and other duties at rehearsals and shows. We may fundraise in other ways as well if time and enough volunteers allow. All the money we raise goes back to the school. Some past examples of the uses of this fund are professional development for teachers, financial assistance for students in need for summer intensives, maintenance of the studios (ex. new hardwood floor in the tap studio), locker rooms and lunch room area, and costume purchases. We welcome any of you who may want to join us.  We are a busy group and many hands make light work, so please join us if you can! You can contact us at

ESB Parents Committee members 2016/2017 season
President: Sarah Kotri
Treasurer: Nicole Kroll
Office Liaison/Administrator: Rachel McNicoll
Secretary: Catherine McPherson
Volunteer Liaison: Vicki Delinger
Photographer: Resa Chyz
Snack Barre Coordinator: Nairn Dreilich
Flower Sale Coordinator: Lesley Heidinger
Make-up Kit Coordinators: Sarah Kotri, Krista Radstaak, Kathy Molnar, Resa Chyz
Volunteer Liaison: Vicki Delinger
Other members: Liz Sembaluk and Dreena Guptil
Members-at-Large: Catherine Lacombe (Past and Vice President, Office Liaison).

A few things we would like to highlight about our school: ESB and Vimy Dance are performance dance schools. One of the great things about the school is the numerous shows that are put on every year. They include the Winter Celebration, Spring Shows, Contemporary Shows, and Novice Show. Please note that every show has a rehearsal, too. There are some competitions that the school enters in as well, but they are not the primary focus of the program. You will soon see that the emphasis is on excellence in technique and performance. A great deal of thought and effort goes into the shows and the teachers are busy with those details. That said, the shows need support to be successful and we rely heavily on volunteers to manage the children at rehearsals and shows to ensure safety and provide an excellent show quality. Being backstage with your dancer and their group is a lot of fun. You will learn how the shows are run, how much work goes into them as well as get to know the group of dancers your child is with. You will be able to see your child perform on stage from backstage and there is always the option of buying a DVD of the show so that you can see the entire performance if you feel you have missed out. Please check before every show that your dancer’s group has enough parent volunteers to manage the group backstage – before you buy tickets to the shows. The office will always have a list of volunteers required up on the wall so please always ensure your dancer’s group is covered.

One of the strengths of ESB/Vimy Dance is its organization so please know that receiving emails and information in advance is a good thing that allows you to plan and organize. You will receive a lot of emails with important information from ESB or Vimy Dance. Please read the emails! If you are not receiving emails from the dance school then check in at the office or call to ensure they have the correct contact information for you. Most of the dissemination of information on drop-off and pick-up times, locations, hair and makeup requirements will be coming to the parents. You need to know what specific class your child is in when you read these emails (day of the week, time, teacher and even name of the dance they are in). Please ask questions if you aren’t sure, ahead of time, at the office or ask the teacher.

We hope you understand that hair, uniform and makeup requirements for classes, rehearsals and shows are an important part of dance. We want to be able to see your child’s face on stage during shows so the stage makeup is carefully chosen with that in mind.  Make-up requirements are also so dancers appear their best at competitions where cohesive group appearance is judged. Please do your best to uphold the standards that are set for your child’s group. We believe ESB and Vimy Dance’s requirements are very reasonable.

We hope you enjoy your time and experiences with ESB or the Vimy Dance Program. We are glad that your family has joined our dance family!