Introduction: If you don’t know who we are please allow us to introduce ourselves- The ESBPC (Edmonton School of Ballet Parents Committee) is a group of volunteers who have or had dancers in the ESB program or in the Vimy Dance Program. Members of the committee organize and volunteer at the Snack Barre, sell roses at the spring shows, recycle empty pop and juice boxes, create and sell make-up kits, develop and sell programs for the Spring Shows, organize a hair and make-up workshop, organize individual and group pictures of your dancers, and organize volunteers for check-ins, running groups back and forth and other duties at rehearsals and shows. We provide essential assistance to the school in many ways and all the money we raise goes back to the school. We welcome any of you who may want to join us.  We are a busy group and many hands make light work, so please join us if you can! You can contact us at

Fundraising:  This year we have some new fundraising ideas including SPUDS produce boxes (available at, an easy way to support ESB that will provide you with organic food delivered right to you to save you time); digital photo packages for solos and duets; digital videos for performances and flower sales at every dance show- at least this is our goal! We will be doing bottle drives and selling picture packages as well as make up kits which we have done in the past.  Please watch for emails from us for dates, we really appreciate your support!! Start collecting those bottles now and please order a produce box from and make sure to choose the Edmonton School of Ballet / Vimy Dance Parents’ Committee Fundraiser name to support us. Fundraising equals opportunities and improvements for all so our fundraisers are absolutely worth supporting.  Thank you so much ! J

Volunteerism: ESB and Vimy Dance are performance dance schools. One of the great things about the school is the numerous shows that are put on every year. They include the Winter Celebration, Spring Shows, Contemporary Shows, and Novice Show. Please note that every show has rehearsals, too. There are some competitions that the school enters in as well, but they are not the primary focus of the program. You will soon see that the emphasis is on excellence in technique and performance. A great deal of thought and effort goes into the shows and the teachers are busy with those details. That said, the shows need support to be successful and ESB relies heavily on volunteers to manage show day details such as child supervision. More emails will be sent with specific requests and details closer to show dates but we really appreciate your help on those days.  The ESBPC is there too, but as we have lots of experience amongst us with these days, we do a lot of the recruiting and management.  But we have done all aspects of those days ourselves and know that it is fun and rewarding to be with your (and our) kids backstage!

Emails: One of the strengths of ESB/Vimy Dance is its organization so please know that receiving emails and information in advance is a good thing that allows you to plan and organize. Please read the emails! If you are not receiving emails from the dance school then check in at the office or call to ensure they have the correct contact information for you. Most of the dissemination of information on drop-off and pick-up times, locations, and hair and makeup requirements will be coming to the parents via emails. You need to know what specific class your child is in when you read these emails (day of the week, time, teacher and even name of the dance they are in). Please ask questions if you aren’t sure, ahead of time, at the office or ask the teacher.

Hair and Make Up: Hair and makeup requirements for rehearsals and shows are an important part of dance. The intention behind them is to be able to see your child’s face on stage during shows from 40+ feet away so stage makeup is carefully chosen with that in mind.  Make-up requirements are also created so dancers appear their best at competitions where cohesive group appearance is judged. Please do your best to uphold the standards that are set for your child’s group. We believe ESB and Vimy Dance’s requirements are very reasonable, we rarely ask for anything other than ESB’s basic dance make up look.  The ESBPC puts on a hair and make-up workshop in January in order to assist dancers and their families with achieving the required look.  Our make-up requirements are also posted on the ESB and Vimy Dance websites.  We also sell prepared make- up kits as a fundraiser.  These kits will save you time and energy in locating the required items and we hope you will purchase one from us; sales will begin in October in time for the dancers who will be dancing in the first show of the year, the Winter Celebration at the end of November.

Special Accolades: We would like to congratulate Jillian Engen and Madison Dewart for their incredible accomplishment of receiving marks of Distinction on their Advanced 2 RAD ballet exams and Miss Erin, their RAD teacher, as well!  This is the highest level of examination we offer in RAD here at ESB/Vimy Dance and their results qualified them for the Genee International Ballet Competition in Lisbon, Spain this September!  This prestigious competition in the ballet world is held each year and draws artistic directors, choreographers and other dance professionals from around the world to network, compete, and take workshops. ESB / Vimy Dance has never sent dancers to this competition before so it’s very exciting.   The dancers are in Lisbon right now with Tina Covlin-Dewart (Director of Contemporary Dance and Erin Madsen).  We were proud to provide some financial support for this trip and hope to be able to do more of this in the future!

Also, we would like to congratulate Mrs. Flynn on her 50th year anniversary of running the Edmonton School of Ballet ! Wow !  She has done an amazing job of training dancers over the years and providing a great facility, a great staff and putting on great shows !  There will be some changes this year at shows such as special performances to honour her and schedule changes.  The administration is working hard to get everything organized and you will be notified of all changes as details are firmed up.

We hope you enjoy your time and experiences with ESB or the Vimy Dance Program. We are glad that your family has joined our dance family!


YOUR Edmonton School of Ballet Parents’ Committee