prep programThe Edmonton School of Ballet’s Preparatory Program is designed for students in Junior 3 to Cecchetti Grade 4. These students may audition for entry into the Preparatory dance program. Students are selected on the basis of their potential for a career in dance and demonstration of a strong work ethic and commitment. The program includes classes such as Syllabus Ballet (Cecchetti and RAD), Non-Syllabus Ballet & Variations, Jazz, Tap and Modern. Classes vary depending on level and are scheduled during evenings and Saturdays. This challenging program offers extensive performance opportunities.

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One of the goals of the Preparatory Program is to prepare dancers for Vimy Dance – the dance program held in conjunction with Edmonton Public Schools at Vimy Ridge Academy. The Vimy Professional Dance Program is an integrated academic and professional dance training program for students in academic grades 7 to 12. Students attend academic classes at Vimy Ridge Academy each morning and professional dance classes in the afternoon. Programming at Vimy Ridge Academy is second to none. Many of the opportunities available to our students are unique to our school. Starting in January, we encourage students that are interested in our programming to schedule a Shadow Day at the school. Come visit us for a day and learn first hand what it means to be a student at Vimy Ridge Academy (Shadow Day Form). Please look at our calendar to find audition dates or contact us for further information.