teacherThe Edmonton School of Ballet offers a comprehensive teacher training program for those individuals looking to study further and obtain internationally recognized qualifications as dance teachers. This program is typically three years of full, daytime attendance, but may be more or less depending upon the experience and qualifications of the individual.

The Program encompasses theory, practice and experience in a broad range of dance disciplines, ensuring students graduate as well-rounded, internationally qualified teachers.

As well, each year, the Edmonton School of Ballet offers a teaching course in the Edmonton School of Ballet Junior Grades syllabi. This course is open to anyone 15 years old and up who has achieved a Grade 6 Cecchetti exam or equivalent.

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Teacher Training Program – The high quality of the Teacher Training Program at Edmonton School of Ballet is based on Knowledge, Experience, and Mentorship.

Adult dancers of a pre-professional or professional level come to ESB to study in a three-year full-time program, which culminates in the exam for the Associate degree in the Cecchetti International Classical Ballet. This teaching credential is recognized internationally and is equivalent to a Bachelor Degree in university and college.

Highly qualified teachers instruct classes, which include fundamentals in Ballet, Modern Dance and Jazz Dance and the many related subjects, which enrich each of these performance disciplines such as Pointe and Repertoire. . . click here to read more.

Teacher Training Program Provisional Year

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