Throughout the year, the Edmonton School of Ballet participate in and host special events.

Although costumes are provided for students for all group performances, students will need to provide tights, jazz pants, and shoes for each dance. New tights/jazz pants are required for performances.

Students are expected to know and perform the choreography with accuracy. Students should strive to meet the technical and artistic requirements of the piece. Students who meet the requirements will be included in performances. Performing is a privilege that must be earned by students at the Edmonton School of Ballet. Students can earn the privilege with strong attendance, active participation, positive attitude, and consistent effort in all classes. Students may be removed from choreography and performances at the discretion of the teacher/choreographer and/or Artistic Director at any time. Please be aware that practice by oneself and/or knowledge of the choreography is not sufficient to perform. Just like team sports or other group activities, dance requires group practice to achieve excellence in timing, spacing, staging and emotion by every performer. “I’ll do it for the show” is not an appropriate attitude and doing so does not allow choreographers to clean the dance. Such cases often result in mistakes and even injury to the dancer or other dancers.

For more information on performances, please click the link below:

Edmonton School of Ballet – Performances

Rules for Professional Deportment